MP joins forces with volunteers

Angela with Rhona Reid
Angela with Rhona Reid

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley delivered a personal pat on the back to a local organisation befriending vulnerable and lonely youngsters in her constituency.

On Friday, she went along to the local office of CoVEY (Community Volunteers Enabling Youth) to express her admiration for the work the group has been doing in rural Clydesdale for almost 20 years now, steering youngsters towards more positive lifestyles and away from the dangers of crime and addiction.

The MP talked to CoVEY’s project leader Rhoda Reid about areas of South Lanarkshire they both cover and how best they can work together.

CoVEY was originally set up in response to a need identified by the Scottish Children’s Panel as an intervention into the cycle of the same children reappearing before them. It was decided that young people would benefit from a reliable supportive adult volunteer who would provide two hour weekly befriending sessions.

CoVEY has recently expanded to provide adult and family mentoring to the parents and carers of the young people they help.

The MP’s office staff will join with CoVEY at Lanark Memorial Hall at a jobs fair on Friday, November 3, when the befriending group will advertising several paid roles and volunteering opportunities throughout South Lanarkshire.

Said Angela: “It was great to meet CoVEY and to discuss ways we can work together.”