Lanark getting ready to host Scotland’s Festival of History

Medieval Festival Lanark'22/8/09'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Medieval Festival Lanark'22/8/09'Picture by Lindsay Addison

Organisers are expecting more participants and visitors than ever before when Scotland’s Festival of History is held at Lanark Racecourse on August 20 and August 21.

The festival features around 500 costumed specialists from across Europe staging a unique celebration of more than 2000 years of history.

Organised by a small group of volunteers, in less than a decade it has grown from a half-day gathering into a massive weekend of fun and celebrations.

Event director, Kenny Ellis said: “The festival is an important event on the Scottish tourism map.

“It is now the largest annual visitor event in the district, and we are working very hard to make sure the 2011 event surpasses past records.”

Thousands of visitors who attend this month’s festival will find it more exciting and educational than ever before.

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