Lanark Archaeological Society explore rich heritage

History lesson...from Society's Ian Wallace
History lesson...from Society's Ian Wallace

WHEN a group of Lanark-based history enthusiasts – some might even call them zealots – pledged to spread the word about our area’s rich heritage, nobody could have expected them to spread it QUITE as far as they have!

In fact, the touring time team from Lanark and District Archaeological Society has just called in to present its ‘roadshow’ at its 24th Clydesdale school as part of its programme of taking local history out into our classrooms.

And they want to go to even MORE!

The story of our past they are bringing to youngsters is definitely not of the stuffy, bookish variety most Gazette readers got at school; the team is proving to today’s pupils that everything counts as ‘heritage’, from bloody battles fought by William Wallace to a 1920s Barr’s Irn Bru bottle dug up from a local cowp.