Jane Pillans chosen to crown Lanark Lanimer Queen

Jane Pillans with husband Stephen and daughter Alana (Pic by John Prior)
Jane Pillans with husband Stephen and daughter Alana (Pic by John Prior)

Jane Pillans thought she was in for an easier Lanimer day than usual this year, thanks to none of the court maids having booked into Fringes at dawn to have their hair done.

Without those usual 6.30am appointments at her Lanark hair salon, Jane would be left free to concentrate on organising the Lanimer procession, she thought.

Any such hope was shattered by a visit by the Lanimer committee on Saturday inviting her to be the 2017 crowning lady, however, as now, she will be busier than ever.

Jane, married to 2013 Lanark Lord Cornet Stephen Pillans, is from a long Lanimer dynasty.

As 14-year-old Jane Brown, she was Lanimer queen herself in 1982, as were her mother Beth Frood in 1960, who has also been a crowning lady, and her aunt Lorna Frood in 1955, and the Brown family have put out Lanimer lorries for decades, with Jane’s sister Karen now carrying on from Beth and Harry Brown.

“I got born into it, and grew up with it all, and I started to help out with the lorries after I was Lanimer queen,” said Jane.

“I was putting out lorries at 15 or 16. After Alana was born it was getting a wee bit too much running about with the lorries, and I thought I was better off helping with the procession.”

Over the years Jane has also had spells helping with the reception, and the children’s treats, and is still one of the hard workers for the Silver Club.

And as Stephen’s wife, she also had to organise the Lanimer Ball last year. No wonder she was hoping for a quieter year this year, although with the wedding of young sister Danielle Brown coming up it would never have been quiet!

Jane and partner Senga Beattie run Fringes hairdressers, set up originally by her mother and used as a hub for many of the Lanark groups!

She is an elder of Nicholas Church, and used to run the Girls Brigade and the teenage section, and she is on its community and world group.

Her daughter Alana, 19, will be Jane’s companion on Lanimer Day.