It would be criminal to miss Biggar Theatre Workshop’s latest show

Biggar Theatre Workshop presents Lord Savile's Crime'Biggar Corn Exchange'28/5/12
Biggar Theatre Workshop presents Lord Savile's Crime'Biggar Corn Exchange'28/5/12
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THERE’S a treat in store for Upperward theatre-goers as Biggar Theatre Workshop take to the stage in the wickedly funny Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime.

The show, which is based on the short story by Oscar Wilde, comes to Biggar Corn Exchange from June 6 to June 9 and is full of great performances not to mention a hilarious script.

The story centres around well-bred gentleman Lord Arthur Savile who isn’t overburdened with brains.

His engagement to the lovely Sybil Merton looks like eternal happiness – but all this changes when his prospective mother-in-law, Lady Julia Merton, insists he has his palm read by Mr Podgers, a well-respected chiromantist who predicts that Lord Arthur will commit a murder at some time.

To prevent his future wife from having to hang her head in shame for him, Arthur feels duty-bound to get the dirty deed over and done with before the marriage and sets about choosing his victim, and their method of disposal.

He enlists the help of his faithful butler, Baines, and decides to poison his great aunt.

While planning this murder, a strange character appears offering his help. His name is Herr Winkelkopf and he professes to be ‘President of the Royal Society of Anarchists’.

Suffice to say, things go drastically awry with the first murder attempt, so another victim is selected.

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