Invite to Cameronian Sunday at Douglas

Annual Cameronian Conventicle in Douglas
Annual Cameronian Conventicle in Douglas

Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the disbandment of the regiment Clydesdale regarded as its own, the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

Despite the passing of time and with even the youngest ex-Cam’ now being in their late sixties, the survivors and their families still faithfully gather every year at the spot where the historic unit was founded, Douglas, to hold their annual conventicle, a ceremony linked to the regiment’s Covenanting past.

This year’s event takes place on Sunday, May 14, the day’s commemorations starting with the raising of the Cameronians’ flag over their home village at 9.30am.

A spokesman for the organisers said: “The years are thinning down the ranks as old riflemen pass to the big conventicle in the sky, but those left will gather each year until the last man is standing, buckles, badges, medals gleaming with the Douglas tartan trews ironed as sharp as they were during the years of service.

“Each year, they are here to remember their regiment and friends close to where the regiment was both raised in 1689 and disbanded in 1968.”

He issued an invitation to all to come along to Douglas on May 14 to join in the commemoration, saying: “Please feel free to go along to any part of the day – the flag-raising at 9.30am, the church service in St Bride’s Church at 10am or the conventicle itself, being held at the regimental cairn close to Castle Dangerous in the Douglas Estate grounds at 2pm.”