Author pic- C A Hope.'Pic Phil Hannah
Author pic- C A Hope.'Pic Phil Hannah

THE story of New Lanark is being told in a series of books out next year.

New Lanark - Spinning New Lives is a fictional reworking of the tale of Robert Owen and his father-in-law, David Dale, as they revolutionised working practices in the cotton mills.

Author CA Hope reveals that the books will use real historical events to map the journey of Dale and Owen, and how they helped change the lives of workers throughout the world.

She said: “The whole story of New Lanark will be told through a mixture of fictional and real life characters.

“The story begins with David Dale. A lot of people think that New Lanark was all about Robert Owen but David Dale played such an important role in making New Lanark what it became famous for.

“There is a Highland orphan character – a lot of orphans were taken in to work in the Mill – and there is also a family who work in the Mill as an alternative to the Poorhouse.

“One of the most interesting characters is David Dale’s daughter Caroline who marries Robert Owen.

“The second book will focus on when Robert Owen takes charge.”

A Scottish Wildlife Trust employee, CA Hope actually worked at the Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre at New Lanark.

However, she has been writing from a very young age and wrote her first book when she was only 16.

It’s a talent that runs in the family with mother Ivy Wallace a celebrated author, while her father worked in the publishing business.

She added: “Because of my mum and dad it certainly runs in the family.

“I don’t write in a particular genre; I enjoy writing in a wide range and inventing various characters.

“I find research and writing a fascinating experience.”

New Lanark - Spinning New Lives is being published by Marluc and will be available from March. New Lanark – Living with a Visionary continues the story.