Gravestone of Carluke Covenanter Peter Kid is vandalised

10 years on...our Covenanters story
10 years on...our Covenanters story

TEN years ago this week, the Gazette reported that a replacement gravestone was being dedicated in a memorial to a Carluke Covenanter, the Rev Peter Kid.

And now history is repeating itself and another stone may have to be made, after vandals pushed over and broke that replacement stone.

For Dane Love, of the Scottish Covenanters Memorials Association, which paid for the last stone, the worst aspect is not the cost but the lack of awareness people have of their heritage.

“The stone has been pushed over, broken in half and paint has been poured over it,” he said, adding that it would have taken a fair bit of effort to break the granite stone.

And masons who examined it said that it could not be repaired.

The 2004 stone was a replacement for a very much older monument which had been vandalised over the years.

It commemorated the life of Peter Kid, a Church of Scotland minister who found himself opposing the Episcopalian king, who wanted his brand of religion imposed on Scotland.
Kid became minister at Douglas in 1654 and after being evicted from there, in 1662, became minister at Carluke in 1672.