Gallery: Hawksland Bogie Race is a runaway success

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It’s an unusual event, but no less fun for that as the home-made bogies (what a grand Scottish word that is) took off down the local roads in Hawksland.

The run this year was fundraising for three local good causes: Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support Group, the Lanarkshire branch of SSAFA and Lanarkshire Cat Protection.

The annual event, organised by Elaine, Stuart and Diane Sommerville, is part of the Hawksland Community Events Group, and this year managed to raise the incredible amount of £650 for the three charities.

Hawksland Bogie Race is a downhill race for home-made gravity powered vehicles and contraptions with the winner being the one who travels the greatest distance along the closed road which runs alongside Hawksland Farm to Birkhill Farm. There is also an uphill race for bicycles.

The winner of the novelty class was Christopher Webster, with Catriona and Stevie Rolfe taking the second place spot.

Winning the Scottish Cartie Association class was Tanith Burns.

A spokesman for the organisers said: “While there not being as many competitors as we would have wished for, we would like to thank those who took part along with the spectators for coming along and supporting this event.

“We would also thank those who made donations to add to the fundraising and for all who helped make it such a successful day.”