Falls of Clyde Nature Notes

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Discover the wildlife on our doorstep at the Falls of Clyde, New Lanark


We have had over a dozen sightings of our resident kingfishers over the past couple of weeks. These dumpy-bodied, long-beaked birds are unmistakeable due to the electric blue markings on their sides.

Often you will only see the blue flash as they fly by but they will sit on their favourite perches, often branches hanging over the water in order to catch freshwater fish.

While in the water, they have binocular-like vision which enables them to judge the distance of their unsuspecting prey, allowing them to be very adept at catching it.

They need to catch 60 per cent of their bodyweight each day to survive, which is no mean feat.

Kingfishers are very territorial and it is unusual to see more than one at once so we have been extremely lucky to see two on a few occasions.

rainfall DAMAGE

A few weeks ago we experienced high levels of water overflowing from surrounding farmland into the Falls of Clyde.

This was rather inconveniently channelled down one of the paths near the beginning of the reserve.

We have managed to temporarily repair the section just before the start of the boardwalk, which has suffered quite regularly this year from erosion due to heavy rainfall and surface run-off.

The path that rises steeply up towards the vehicle track has yet to be repaired. This path is still open and we ask you to take care when walking along this route.

We are looking for a more permanent fix to this problem of erosion on these sections of path, so please bear with us while we come up with a solution.

Anyone with enquiries should contact the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Falls of Clyde at fallsofclyde@swt.org.uk or call 01555 665262.