Falls of Clyde Nature Notes

daubenton bat
daubenton bat

The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s annual Peregrine Watch kicked off on March 23 at the Falls of Clyde wildlife reserve in New Lanark with visitors getting some spectacular sightings of the resident peregrine falcons.

The real excitement started two days beforehand with the first egg being laid in the eyrie.

By the time you are reading this there could be more eggs laid but the only way to find out is to take a walk to our peregrine watch site and find out for yourself!

Or you could instead visit our visitors centre in New Lanark and see how they are doing on a camera in our exhibition centre.


Peregrines are not the only star attractions on our reserve. There have already been early sightings of bats including a Daubentons bat outside the visitor centre. The reserve is an ideal habitat for bats and we have six different species that stay here. Corra Castle is a very popular roost for bats throughout the winter but with spring approaching you are quite likely to hear or see them out and about.


Our ranger-led Badger Watches which take place throughout the summer are great opportunities to come and see the different species of bat that live on the reserve.

The ranger will stop and talk about any interesting wildlife spotted on the walk and bats are a common sight. Our first Badger Watch is being held on April 30 and they are then run through the summer. Remember that booking is essential as these events are popular.

To book your place on any event, for further information on wildlife issues or to report a sighting phone the Scottish Wildlife Trust at our Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre in New Lanark on 01555 665262 or email fallsofclyde@swt.org.uk.