Duneaton honours its inspiring citizens

Duneaton's good citizens' Ann Pigott, 'Janet Telfer, 'Cathy Craig and 'Meg Beresford'' (Photo: John McLatchie)
Duneaton's good citizens' Ann Pigott, 'Janet Telfer, 'Cathy Craig and 'Meg Beresford'' (Photo: John McLatchie)

Duneaton Community Council has praised kind-hearted residents of its patch for keeping up the good work

The body took the unusual step of asking villages in its area to nominate worthy citizens deserving of recognition.

Bill and Toni Bentley

Bill and Toni Bentley

At an award ceremony in Roberton Hall, the winners were thanked, and each received a certificate and £50, which most promptly re-donated to their pet causes.

“Our winners are inspiring people who help others without the expectation of any reward,” said Anne Jeffries, treasurer of the community council.

“It’s been lovely to be able to give them some well-deserved thanks and recognition for everything they do to improve the quality of life in our villages.”

The good citizen award winners are:

 From Abington, Bill and Toni Bentley, aged 82 and 74, both keen gardeners who plant bulbs to give a splash of colour instead of weeds on the verge of the road into the village.

 From Coutler, Ann Pigott, who is involved in its library, flower show and in Biggar Museum Trust, and who holds monthly lunches in her own home for those who live alone.

 From Crawfordjohn, Janet Telfer, who uses all her energy to help others, visiting those who are ill and working for the Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture, the hall and the local church.

Janet, who is in her 80s, was described in the nomination as being a star, a shining light, and “like the glue that holds us altogether”.

She was also described as the matriarch of the community.

 From Roberton, Cathy Craig, also in her 80s, who holds coffee mornings for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support. She had raised another £300 just as the nominations were going in.

Cathy “keeps going the extra mile and raising funds”, said her nomination and was always the first to support others in the village.

She was described as a very, very popular woman.

 And from Wiston, Meg Beresford, who has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to sustain Wiston Lodge as a charity for vulnerable youth and a welcoming community venue. Meg works hard to ensure good local links and opportunities.