Down Memory Lane

Archie Hainnan (left) Carluke brickworks circa 1998
Archie Hainnan (left) Carluke brickworks circa 1998

Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines all those years ago.

In with the bricks: With our news story that Caradale Brickworks was closing, we asked readers to share their photographs of life there and Archie Hainnan, now 78, brought in a selection of photos from his retiral. That was in 1998, after he had worked there for 49 years. The company started life as the Coltness Iron Company; it became Coltness Industries, and then, when taken over by Lithgow, it became Caradale, a merger of the names Carluke and Armadale where the company also had works. “That’s where the name came from,” he said. Looking back, he said: “It was a job and the wages weren’t that bad – but they weren’t that good either!” Archie reckons about 50 people were working there when he retired in June 1998. He received a watch and equipment for his garden as farewell presents.

Archie Hainnan (centre) Carluke brickworks circa 1998

Archie Hainnan (centre) Carluke brickworks circa 1998


n The second annual dinner of Carluke Business Womens Club took place in the Royal Oak Hotel, in Lanark.

n It was suggested by the county council to close Yieldshields School as the county council had been unable to fill the head teacher vacancy.

n Kirkton Church Drama Club members proved their versatility by performing three one act plays at the Welfare Hall.

n Carluke Primrose Flute Band held its annual social and dance in the band hall. Councillor Murphy presented a new trophy, on behalf of the Scottish Amateur Flute Band Association, to be named after one of the band’s founders, Thomas Murphy.

n Mr William Duguid won a Volkswagon by correctly estimating the time it would take for 40 gallons of paraffin to drain from an oil drum. It took seven hours, eight minutes and 33 seconds.

n Members of Braidwood WRI held a successful whist drive in aid of children and old folks parties.

n Lanark Rugby Club were in fine scoring form after beating Uddingston 30-10.


n The Rev RM Dickson was the speaker at the opening meeting of the Lanark YMCA. He was said to have given a speech on the battles young men face through life, including with alcohol.

n Lanark Bachelors held their annual dance in St Mary’s Hall. Over 40 couples were present.

n An unemployed man appeared at Lanark Sheriff Court charged with poaching. The Sheriff released him from the court with an admonishment.

n A huge storm engulfed Clydesdale. Many buildings were damaged and even New Lanark saw displaced slates and chimney pots.

n Scott’s Electric Pictures was due to visit Carluke Town Hall. There was great excitement at the prospect of seeing various films.

n Home Rule was the topic of discussion at Carnwath’s Literary Society’s latest discussion. Mr Christie supported the bill while Mr Lawrie led the negative side.

n Law Volunteers faced Burnbank Athletic in the Lanarkshire League First Division. The game was abandoned with 18 minutes to go as it was too dark!