Down Memory Lane

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Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines all those years ago.


* Carluke OAPs held their annual re-union in the Welfare Hall. After tea served by the Co-operative Society the company was addressed by Rev Balmer and Father Rogers.

* Two Carluke couples were to attend the installation of Sir Francis Ibiam as Governor of Eastern Nigeria. They were set to fly from London Airport after being personally invited.

* Cinemas in Lanarkshire were to be allowed to open on Sundays on a commercial basis. Performances were not due to start before 7.30pm.

* Three Carluke men were hurt in a car crash on the A8. They were taken to Law Hospital for treatment.

* Members of Carluke WRI visited a Church of Scotland home in Hamilton. The members were shown around the home and were thanked for their gifts.

* The Scottish Division of the National Coal Board was promoting an exhibition in Lanark from December 16 to December 19.

* Lanark United were drawn against Vale of Clyde in the Scottish Junior Cup fourth round. The tie was due to be played on January 2 at Moor Park.


* The Rev Ewan McKenzie made a visit to St Leonards evening service. Rev McKenzie was one of the most distinguished Scottish missionaries and had recently returned from Tibet.

* Constable Alexander Peden, who had been stationed at Braidwood for four years, left to take up duties in Lanark. * The nominations for the forthcoming General Election were published. Dr Charles MacKinnon Douglas was the Unionist candidate while Sir William Menzies was the Liberal candidate.

* In Carluke the First St John's Boy Scouts gave their first annual entertainment in the Town Hall.

* An anniversary service was held in St Johns Church to mark the induction of the Rev Matthew Turnbull. Rev John Miller presided over the day.

* An advert was placed for able-bodied men with experience in gardening, fruit growing and farm work by the Australian Government. The cost of travelling to Australia was just 2 if accepted.

* Law Volunteers faced Burnbank Athletic in the Lanarkshire League. The game finished 1-1.