Double MoonWalk was no cakewalk!

Linda and Louise complete the Over the Moon challenge
Linda and Louise complete the Over the Moon challenge

A Lanark mother and daughter have completed the Over the Moon challenge, raising more than £2,000 for breast cancer research – but they won’t be doing it again!

While others were happy to complete the annual MoonWalk in Edinburgh this month, Linda Anderson and Louise Mackie went one step further.

They joined a select group walking Over the Moon, double the distance. And when the main walkers finished, they did it all again, notching up over 52 miles.

They had to finish their challenge in under 14 hours, and the pair, decked out in jungle safari-themed bras, managed it with minutes to spare.

“Louise and I completed the challenge in just over 13.5 hours,” said Linda, 61, who works in the office at Lanark Grammar School.

“We have raised over £2,000, which is double our original target, with some more still to come in.

“We had an amazing time, but it is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I have absolutely no intention of doing it again.”

Linda and Louise, 35, an actuary now living living in South Queenferrry, have taken part in the MoonWalk since it started.

That coincided with a close friend being diagnosed with breast cancer. In the 12 years since, they have also completed marathon walks in London, Edinburgh and Iceland, raising over £10,000, but this year’s was an even more daunting challenge.

MoonWalk Scotland has raised millions for the Walk the Walk charity, supporting those with breast cancer.