Clean up after your dog in Carluke's new Moor Park!

Moor Park, Carluke (Photo by Sarah Peters)
Moor Park, Carluke (Photo by Sarah Peters)

Carluke's Moor Park play area reopened last spring with a wonderful assortment of equipment for the youngsters, and even new turf.

But now, according to one parent, it is being abused - not by kids or teenagers, but by dog walkers.

Moor Park, Carluke.

Moor Park, Carluke.

"Sadly the park is a disgrace and littered with dog mess," said the parent who contacted us today.

"As a dog walker myself, along with many who respect the park's use for all, I use the new bins that are well placed around the park; but still so many still refuse to follow the law by bagging and binning.

"The park really is becoming a disgusting place to take children.

"To make the matter even more of a concern, the children of High Mill primary school have had approval to use the playing field for school recreation activity due to the lack of facilities within the school.. My son along with the other children are delighted at the prospect of being able to play football on a grass pitch, in the fresh air, an activity which I am sure will be made even better as the weather improves."

Families in Carluke waited years for Moor Park, which had become run down and almost derelict, to be refurbished with the imaginative new equipment, but if dog fouling continues, it may put people off using it all together.

"If those concerned continue to ignore this, I think many will avoid it in the future and that would be a real shame as it's a great space for kids to be kids away from harm," said the parent.

"Hopefully the council will also act by highlighting that it is an offence and can result in penalty.

"Keep the park clean and let's all enjoy it!"