Carluke Opera move show base to Motherwell

On the move...Carluke Opera members  (Pic by Sarah Peters)
On the move...Carluke Opera members (Pic by Sarah Peters)

CARLUKE Amateur Operatic Society (CAOS) members are so fed up with their Lifestyles Centre base that they’re moving shows to Motherwell Theatre.

Past president Heather Coulthard branded the £14million council-owned venue “a school hall with a wee hole in the wall”.

She said: “The Lifestyles Centre is a tin roof with poor acoustics, not enough changing or dressing rooms and it doesn’t have a bar. It is not good enough.

“I am not wanting to slate the council, the opera members just want a better venue. There is nowhere else suitable in Carluke – which is a shame – so we’re moving to Motherwell Theatre.”

Heather said that although CAOS members would continue rehearsing their latest show, Hairspray, at the centre on Monday nights, the show would be performed at Motherwell Theatre from October 6 to 10.

Based on the original film starring John Travolta, CAOS’s version of Hairspray will star Carluke leading lady Monica Jamieson as Tracy and Hugh Preston as Edna.

Heather added:“Moving away from Carluke is heartbreaking. The vast majority of cast members are upset at having to move to Motherwell.

“But it is better for our Glasgow-based members, as Motherwell is handier for them to get to.”

For Hairspray tickets, contact Janette McIntyre on 01555 770614.