Bring your own Bottle - but into a bar?

Buy it? or bring your own booze to the pub?
Buy it? or bring your own booze to the pub?

BYOB is not uncommon on a party invite, but a quarter of Scots confess to sneaking alcohol into bars as drink prices go up.

With alcohol prices on the increase, Scots are becoming savvy and looking to cheaper brands of alcohol, nights in at home and are even giving up alcohol altogether to avoid paying the higher costs.

A study by, released today, reveals that around a quarter of Scots have confessed to sneaking alcohol into a bar to save money on a night out and more than half of Scots have bought a cheaper brand of booze than their preferred choice to cut costs.

Around two-thirds of Scots are even considering altering their lifestyle, saying they would give up alcohol in a bid to reduce their spending.

In Scotland 21-30 year-olds are the most likely to cut back on drinking to save money. Other key findings reveal that:

Around three-quarters of Scots say they would not feel unsociable if they weren’t drinking amongst friends who were.

By age group, 21-30 year-olds in Scotland spend the least on alcohol per month and 51-60 year-olds spend the most.