Author Tupelo Hassman heads to Biggar

01booksrise Tupelo Hassman Photo credit: Bradford Earle.
01booksrise Tupelo Hassman Photo credit: Bradford Earle.
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AUTHOR Tupelo Hassman is visiting Biggar - all the way from the States.

Readers will have the chance to meet her at Atkinson Pryce Bookshop on Saturday, August 18, and hear from this fantastic new voice in fiction.

Tupelo’s debut novel Girlchild is the story of a young girl’s rough childhood growing up in Calle in a colony of mobile homes.

The novel includes many big issues: poverty, class, the presumed role of women and the presumed role of men.

She is determined to be the first of her family to escape poverty, teenage pregnancy and addiction, but at the same time she suffers from a fair share of self-loathing and doubt.

Tupelo does a great job at creating something beautiful out of these sensitive predicaments that are prominent throughout the story.

Tupelo’s Girlchild was released just before January of this year and got a fantastic review right out of the gates in the New York Times.

For more on this story pick up a copy of the Carluke and Lanark Gazette which is in the shops now.