Historic frame to Clyde and Avon Valley walks

Corra Linn, one of the Falls of Clyde which will feature during the series of walks.
Corra Linn, one of the Falls of Clyde which will feature during the series of walks.

Today (Saturday) sees the first in a series of walks in the Clyde and Avon Valley.

The Valley has long been a destination for visitors, including famous artists and writers such as J. M. W. Turner, the Wordsworths and Sir Walter Scott.

Known for its patchwork of nationally important woodlands and stunning geological formations, crumbling castles and orchard heritage, it has fired the imagination of visitors throughout the ages.

CAVLP Heritage are now offering a unique way to explore the landscape through the eyes of artists, writers, photographers and film-makers by way of a series of six free Framing the Landscape walks where paintings, photos, films and literature will be used to see the landscape in new ways.

Taking place every Saturday at 2pm, from February 11 up to and including March 19, the walks will offer a tantalizing look at figures that have been inspired by the landscape or have made an impact on it in some way - think Sir Walter Scott and Craignethan Castle, J. M. W. Turner at the Falls of Clyde and even Scott’s Jam Works at Carluke.

These events will form part of a larger project called Local Landscape Heroes which is focusing on the people who historically changed and maintained the character of the historic environment and landscape and those that have been inspired by it.

People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to take part in these walks, which will be led by experienced archaeologists from CAVLP Heritage.

There are six different walks, each taking around two hours. All are free, although booking is essential at www.cavlp.eventbrite.co.uk. Participants are encouraged to attend as many as they like.

Today's walk is Inspired by the Oaks, strolling through the scenery at Chatelherault.

The next walk, on Saturday February 18, is in Lanark, looking at the historical figures who helped to shape the town through its early days, including William Wallace, David I, William the Lion and Robert Forrest, visiting sites of local importance and exploring artistic representations of its past.

Saturday February 25 has Wishaw on Film – A Snapshot Saunter in Wishaw, then Crossford is the scene for the March 4 walk, a Poetic Promenade at Craignethan, inspired by the castle. That takes a journey from the Clyde Valley up to Craignethan Castle to enjoy the literature of local and visiting writers such as Sir Walter Scott and Janet Hamilton, who were inspired by the landscape and the castle.

On Saturday March 11 the walk is Inspired by the Falls – A Representation Ramble at New Lanark, covering the art and literature inspired by the Falls of Clyde and New Lanark, and artists such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and J. M. W. Turner who created it.

Saturday March 18 is Strawberry Fields – AJelly Jaunt in Carluke, to celebrate the achievements of the Scott brothers in starting the strawberry growing industry in the Clyde and Avon Valley, and the long heritage of preserve making that continues today. Old photographs will help to tell their story and the story of fruit growing in the Carluke area.

Karen McCusker, CAVLP Heritage Project Assistant, says: “This is a great opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the local people who have shaped the Clyde and Avon Valley that we know and love today, in a fun and unexpected way.”

The walks are part of the Local Landscape Heroes project which celebrates the people that have shaped and been inspired the Clyde and Avon Valley, from farmers to millers and poets to painters. The project is managed by Northlight Heritage with funding from Heritage Lottery Fund supported Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership and Historic Environment Scotland.

To find out more, contact CAVLP Heritage at cavlp.heritage@gmail.com or 01555 661555.