A '˜fresh start' for Lanark medical practice

After a sometimes troubled decade, The Lanark Doctors practice in the town's Woodstock Road is no more.

Thursday, 25th October 2018, 9:05 am

In what is understood to be more than just a name change, the town’s GP service will now be delivered under the title of ‘The Woodstock Medical Centre’.

If not a completely new practice, there seems to be a determination among the current GPs and staff to make a fresh start and put The Lanark Doctors’ difficulties behind them.

Indeed, the new practice manager Gayle Wylie attended a special meeting of Lanark Community Council on Tuesday evening, called to hear plans for the medical centre’s future.

The meeting was held on the condition that she should not be quizzed on the problems of the past.

In a message to the chair of the community council, Frank Gunning, she said she had no objection to the press attending the meeting, which was held in the Harry Smith Complex, but said she would not be there to rake over the past.

She told the chairman: “I have already explained that I won’t be in a position to answer any specific queries or indeed be made to defend historic unsuccessful initiatives made by the practice in the past.

“I am very keen that we get a positive message out to the Lanark patients on the forthcoming changes to our appointments system, our recruitment campaign and the appointments made as a direct result of this.

“I’d also like to discuss the aims and objectives of the practice going forward in terms of care navigation and patient signposting and how we envisage our service developing and evolving to best meet the needs of our patients.”