Council confirms its Flush Park option

McClymont House
McClymont House

Public transport links and minimal disruption to elderly residents have been confirmed as key factors in the Council’s care home decision.

South Lanarkshire have now formally confirmed Flush Park as its preferred site for the planned replacement for Lanark’s McClymont House Care Home, a decision we revealed in last weeks paper.

A report to the Council’s Social Work Committee named the location for a state of the art care hub for Clydesdale.

The new facilities will support people to remain at home or within their local community.

This development will bring a range of care options together and will include long term residential care, respite and intermediate care.

Using a blended approach to care, it is claimed this will support people to make a better and faster recovery from an episode of ill health or injury, support rehabilitation and offer carers support.

Executive Director of Health and Social Care Val de Souza said: ”Flush Park is our preferred site for a number of good reasons including how close it is to the town centre and the transport hub at the bus and train station.

“The hub will serve the whole of Clydesdale so it is vital that people can get to it with as little difficulty as possible, especially those who rely on public transport, we looked at seven possible sites in Lanark alone but the others involved significantly longer onward journeys from the bus and train station.

“The option of rebuilding McClymont House or renovating the existing building was among a total of 10 alternative plans to building at the Flush Park that were given careful consideration.

“Renovation was ruled out as the structure of the building itself does not meet modern building and Care Inspectorate requirements for a range of reasons including the width of doors and corridors which prohibits the use of moving and handling equipment.

Building the new facility on the site of McClymont House would mean the closure of the existing home during the construction phase and therefore require relocation of residents and staff for up to two years and the further disruption of a second move once construction was completed.

“I am delighted to have been able to tell staff at McClymont house that we will be keeping the care home open until the Clydesdale Care Hub is completed and at that point they will be able to transfer to the new centre to continue providing top class care.”