Three chairs for furniture firm

A Lanark-based business which creates wonders in wood and repairs lives at the same time is gearing up for a full order book this summer.

Langloch Furniture is one of four social enterprises run by Clydesdale Community Initiatives.

CCI support individuals with a range of support needs to make a tangible contribution to their community.

One of the team told the Gazette: “I came to CCI on the recommendation of my occupational therapist to find a way out of a case of severe depression. Slowly through my involvement symptoms began to improve. It gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

“I began to mentor participants in the workshop using my previous skills set and background as a woodworker.

“Going from strength to strength an opportunity arose to become a member to staff and today I am employed in helping to deliver a range of furniture and woodwork projects, a testament to the benefits of social inclusion.”

Said a spokeswoman: “We are currently taking orders for raised plant and flower beds as it’s the perfect time of year to get ready for planting.”

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