Financial whizz-kids at Blackwood Primary

Pupils at Blackwood Primary School have taken part in an award-winning financial education programme.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 7:52 am
Money matters were to the fore during digital event at Blackwood PS.

The Kickstart Money initiative was delivered by live video-link to the P5 class last Thursday by the charity MyBnk.

Pupils were able to get to grips with the importance of saving and setting financial goals for the future.

They also learned about key financial concepts such as interest, bank accounts and the need to consider risk.

The lesson was taught by live video-link as part of Kickstart Money’s virtual financial education programme.

This virtual provision was launched last year in response to Covid-19, to ensure vital money lessons could continue securely during the pandemic.

Expert trainers lead classes through innovative and engaging activities via secure video-link, with the support of teachers in the classroom and materials sent in advance.

The programme consists of an assembly video, teacher resources, a family pack and three 60-minute live video sessions delivered over six weeks in the classroom.

Jane Goodland, co-chair of KickStart Money, said: “Some people may think that being good with numbers automatically equates to being good with money.

"While basic numeracy skills are helpful for budgeting and saving, many of our financial habits are, in fact, motivated by our attitudes and behaviours learned at a young age, and not by our ability to do complex maths.

“KickStart Money aims to educate children about money when those behaviours are first formed. Through visits such as that to Blackwood PS, we’re hoping the Government will see the clear benefits of early intervention financial education and be encouraged to make it a clear priority in Covid recovery plans.”

Dr Lisa Cameron, MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, joined P5 pupils virtually for the session.

She said: “It was fantastic to see the virtual delivery of the KickStart Money programme in action.

“The financial impact of Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of saving for the future.

"Habits that impact our ability to save in later life are formed as young as seven, making it crucial that we teach the next generation positive money mindsets when these habits are first formed at primary school.

“I am so pleased that children in my constituency are able to receive vital financial education in a Covid-secure environment and am delighted to support KickStart Money’s vision to ensure every primary aged child receives financial education.

"I look forward to hopefully visiting other local primary schools in the future and encourage other schools to sign up to this initiative”

The KickStart Money project is funded by a coalition of 19 financial services firms which have donated over £1 million to fund financial education delivered by MyBnk to almost 20,000 children in the last three years.

The initiative was launched in response to research by the Money Advice Service which found that behavioural attitudes to money are formed as early as the age of seven and early intervention at a primary level is crucial to shaping attitudes to money in adulthood.