Worries over round-the-clock works

The company says it has programmed its works to 'minimise disruption'.
The company says it has programmed its works to 'minimise disruption'.

There are fears Lanark residents will have many sleepless nights ahead as work revamping a town supermarket could carry on overnight for two months.

The Morrisons store in St Vincent Place, now about 20 years old, is to be completely revamped as part of what the company calls its “Refresh” programme.

Contractor, Glasgow-based CBES Ltd, has circulated a letter to residents in a wide vicinity around the store, warning that there could be disruption and disturbance while the project goes ahead between July 8 and September 9 during which time they hope the store will still operate during its normal opening hours until 10pm each night except 8pm on Sundays.

However, the contractor has warned that, to do this, “it will be necessary for some of the work to be executed outside of normal daytime hours.”

Later in the letter the company states: “Work will be programmed to be 24 hours duration.”

The Gazette attempted without success to get clarification from the contractor whether or not this means round-the-clock works for the whole two months of the refurbishment project.

The company’s letter to residents states: “We will make every effort possible to avoid any unnecessary nuisance to both the staff and customers and also to you, the residents.We apologise in advance for any noise and distruption we may cause during the works.

“In consideration for your wellbeing we will complete the works as quickly and as safely as possible.”

The company says it has programmed its works to “minimise disruption, although we are sure you can appreciate this cannot be completely prevented.”

Ther store’s official re-launch is on September 17.