Ring road bid comes around yet again

Sunset for Lanark's Top Cross as ring road plan re-emerges?
Sunset for Lanark's Top Cross as ring road plan re-emerges?

The long-long-awaited Lanark inner ring-road scheme is to be considered yet again with £55,000 of public money to be spent on the latest study into the proposal.

A Lanarkian would have to be in their 60s now to remember the first time a version of the ‘Lanark Gyratory System’ was first proposed half a century ago.

All the many attempts to get it constructed over the years have failed due to lack of cash, public objections and conservation fears.

Just about the only evidence of the various stalled projects is an unsightly car park that was to form the Woodstock Road/St Leonard Street link in the ‘ring’.

When this latest in a long line of ‘studies’ into the scheme was proposed last year some objected on the grounds that the last one over a decade ago was so recent another one would be a waste of public money.

However, South Lanarkshire Council insisted that was already out of date. Now the public transport agency SPT has given the council £55,000 for that updated scheme.

Lanark area councillor Julia Mars commented: “I very much welcome the news that the funding bid for the Lanark traffic feasibility study has been successful.

“I’ve been well aware of and discussed at length the traffic issues Lanark faces, and have been resolute that the solutions should be evidence-led and based on up-to-date traffic data.

“The study, expected to conclude with a report by September 2019, will offer that. One of the solutions to be tested will be the previously considered Lanark Gyratory proposal, a potential answer to Top Cross congestion.

“However, it has to be emphasised that future delivery and funding are bound by budget considerations.”