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blues for cheese company

Errington cheese wins court battle with government. May 2019
Errington cheese wins court battle with government. May 2019

The maker of the world-famous Lanark Blue cheese has finally won its David and Goliath battle for survival with the government.

And Errington Cheese, based at Ogscastle near Carnwath, has thanked the people of Clydesdale for their crowdfunding support which made the triumph possible.

Despite the international success of Lanark Blue and its other varieties, the future for the independent cheesemaker looked black when government agencies Food Standards Scotland and Scottish Food Enforcement Liason Committee tried to introduce rules that would have practically banned Erringtons from using its trademark raw milk method of cheesemaking.

However, joining forces with another four Scottish independent producers, Erringtons launched a crowdfunding appeal which allowed a court challenge to the new rules.

Now, in the face of this, the agencies have withdrawn their proposals and replaced them with ones which will allow Erringtons to continue in business,

Selina Cairns, director at Errington Cheese, said: “I want to say a huge thanks to those who have supported us over the past few months.

“This has been a stressful period everyone and we really couldn’t have done it without the public support.

“It’s a massive relief. We’re extremely hopeful that this is the last chapter of what has been an incredibly hard couple of years, with actions from Food Standards Scotland having detrimental impacts on our business and sales growth.”

In addition to the successfully amended guidelines, Food Standards Scotland abandoned its motion to seek expenses against from the cheesemakers.