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Dear Ed, — Greetings and 'Hi' to the Gardiners of Carluke.

My name is Murray Gardiner and I hail from Drouin, Victoria, Australia.

The reason I'm writing to you is that I have just returned from a trip to the UK and travelled briefly through Scotland staying in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I knew that my grandfather came from Carluke but, because I was on an

organised coach tour, we did not pass through or stop near Carluke.

Since coming back to Australia I have been very interested in finding out more about the Gardiners from Carluke and if I still have long lost relatives over there.

I looked up Carluke on the internet and found

I have left a message on the guestbook but have not received a response as yet.

I have made contact and have had much assistance from Gillian who looks after the website; she has assisted me and helped in locating the Carluke Gardiners.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who may be related to me.

My grandfather's name is John Gardiner and he came to Australia from Carluke in the early 1900s.

He had 11 children and heaps of grandchildren, of which I am one.

It is possible you may at times had visits from my cousins or aunties or uncles if they have been over there on a holiday.

I know my sister visited Carluke a few years ago and I think I may have an Auntie Myrtle over there somewhere.

Anyway I am interested in hearing from any of you who think or know if we have connections. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! — Yours etc.,


2 Lindman Street,






Dear Ed, — I do not feel my granddaughter has been properly represented following the Gala Queen fiasco.

There was no mention of how Colette McPolland feels nor the fact the Carluke Gala Committee simply took away from her being Queen with no 'consolation prize' being awarded.

Colette was 'Queen'' for four days yet all comments revolve around Courtney being Queen for ten minutes.

This mix-up was discussed with the school who confirmed Colette as being Queen and further confirmation was given by the Gala Committee which made arrangements for photographs to be taken.

All of this was taken away in a blink of an eye with no remorse or apology from anyone. This has deeply upset one little ten year old girl.

Thank goodness her family care because no-one else seems too. — Yours etc.,



Editor's note: We spoke to both sets of parents caught up in the mix-up and we reported what unfolded accurately.

We understand both girls — and their families — were upset which is why both girls parents were quoted in the story.

It was a most unfortunate incident and one we're sure will not be repeated — although this, I'm sure, is of little comfort to your grand-daughter.


Dear Ed, — I write this letter in support of residents in Law Village to see if anyone can shed light on the way the house kitchens and toilets are being renovated.

They go into a street, do two or three houses, then move to another street and do the same. We are just looking for a straight answer.

I have approached them, only to be given three different answers — it's so frustrating.

I know all the houses have to be done but people are having to stay with partners and their mothers instead of staying in their own homes.

I know they are all getting done but why work on empty houses?

People like myself have worked all their days, paid everything, but have to just sit back and wait. — Yours etc.,


Greenhouse Drive,



Dear Ed, — Congratultions Clydesdale Communtiy Volunteer Action Group.

As one of the many volunteers at CCVAG, I would like to applaud Kathleen Hogg, Grace McKelvie and Nancy Brown for all the long hours, hard work and sheer determination they put in at the start of this project.

Thanks also to Stephanie Cave who now works just as hard alongside them to keep this group going.

If it had closed it would have been such a loss to the community. Well done, to the four of them.

As one of the many background volunteers, may I appeal for more wool donations? We would also like to start a small group in the hall, for people who would just like some company while they knit, crochet or sew. You can blether, have a cuppa and have some company as you enjoy doing your own craft, it doesn't have to be for CCVAG.

Also congratulations to the group on achieving its Scottish Registered Number SCO40866. — Yours etc.,


Abbotsford Terrace,



Dear Ed, — In March of this year I wrote to the Gazette about the transparency of South Lanarkshire Council and the appalling treatment of the public and the Community Council by officials of SLC.

I am now appalled that the Community Council is treating the public in an even worse manner than SLC officials.

It seems that nobody cares about Lanark but if you do you are castigated and hung out to dry for any view that you express in order to uphold community integrity; that is, if you are not part of the cosy club.

I attended a meeting of the Community Council at which I was promised an answer to my questions by both the chair and one of our local councillors. I am still waiting! I will not hold my breath waiting for a response to this letter. — Yours etc.,


Sycamore Grove,



Dear Ed, — I'd like to say a huge personal thank you to the many people in Scotland who helped to make the recent Muscular Dystrophy Campaign collections at Tesco stores a huge success.

Almost 2,000 volunteers across the country gave their time on September 25 and 26 to help the charity collect an incredible 80,000 for our Tesco Charity of the Year, giving children equipment to be independent.

All the money raised will go to provide vital, specialist equipment for hundreds of children around the country whose lives have been devastated by muscle-wasting disease.

I have been president of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign for the past five years and am constantly grateful for the hard work that our many volunteers put in and the generosity of the members of the public who support our cause.

On behalf of the 8,000 children across the UK affected by muscle-wasting disease, thank you. — Yours etc.,



Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.