Perambulation of Lanark Marches 2014 Slideshow

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THE Lord Cornets of Lanark led a merry band of Lanarkians around the Royal Burgh’s March stones on Monday night.

And despite downpours earlier in the day, thousands turned out to make sure the town’s boundaries were safe for another year.

Children loved splashing about in the Mouse and some were pretty muddy afterwards! But the Cornets, after a quick freshen up, were spick and span once again to greet the crowds gathered on a surprisingly warm Monday evening to see the procession of pipers and riders bringing David Murdoch down the High Street to be installed as Lanark’s 2014 Lord Cornet.

The Shifting of the Standard and installation is the subject of a separate slideshow of pictures for your enjoyment. Indeed, the annual event is so big it merits two picture slideshows to truly do it justice!

So for all those who couldn’t attend – perhaps, like me, chained to a desk in the office or Lanarkians now scattered across the globe – this is for you! See our video section for the installation slideshow too.

And don’t miss next week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette for all the Lanimer Day pictures, as well as Carluke Gala, Biggar Gala and Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Gala. It will be a bumper edition!




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