Locals asked to show more respect in Lanark cemetery

Have a little respect...for mourners in Springbank Cemetery

Have a little respect...for mourners in Springbank Cemetery


OFFICIAL signs are being erected in Lanark’s new cemetery to remind certain members of the public to show SOME respect.

The Gazette has already published stories about outraged mourners visiting the graves of loved ones at Springbank Cemetery complaining about insensitive individuals using the pathways between the burial plots as racetracks for their remote-controlled cars.

Now, a new example of thoughtlessness has been brought to the attention of local councillors – dog-owners using the cemetery as an exercise area, and even as a toilet, for their pets.

This has forced South Lanarkshire Council, the cemeteries authority, to erect signs, reminding people that they are in a place of rest and NOT a dog exercise area.

For more on this story pick up a copy of this week’s Lanark Gazette, which is in the shops now.




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