Lanimer Shifting of the Lanark Standard 2014 Slideshow

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IT can be a cold corner to wait in, Lanark Cross on Marches night, but on Monday the evening was warm and the welcome even warmer for the new Lord Cornet.

Usually marching down as Pipe Major of Lanark and District, this year David Murdoch was on horseback, leading a huge equestrian procession and being piped by Lanark and District and Friends.

The crowds closed the High Street behind him as he took his place on the platform.

There, Lanimer chairman Millar Stoddart welcomed everyone, many muddy from following the Cornets around the Royal Burgh’s Marches.

The 2013 Lord Cornet, Stephen Pillans returned the Burgh Standard “unsullied and unstained”, detailing the towns where he had represented Lanark.

The Standard was then handed over into David’s keeping and he told the crowds of his surprise and pride in his appointment.

Lanark, he said, was a fantastic place to live: “A town that has a great history and heritage but also a great future if we all work together to keep the Lanimer ‘feel-good’ factor and enthusiasm going all year round.”

David, a fire station manager, received his sash from Gazette deputy editor Helen McCall (after paralysing stage fright left her unable to work out how it went on) and his badge from May Dickman, whose husband John is President of the Cornets Club. And to loud cheers the new Lord Cornet’s year began.

The pictures featured in our slideshow were taken by freelance photographer Roberto Cavieres. A separate slideshow of the Marches is also posted on this website.

And keep your eyes peeled next week for all the Lanimer Day pictures in the Carluke and Lanark Gazette, which is out on Wednesday!




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