Lanark’s WW1 commemoration - slideshow of photos

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ON Monday night hundreds of Lanark people gathered at the Memorial Hall – built as the town’s War Memorial - to commemorate the start of the Great War exactly one hundred years earlier.

In his introduction, the Rev Bryan Kerr, told them: “This evening we mark the beginning of the war; we mark a dark and catastrophic time in our history.

“Tonight is about commemorating an act of war, an act of violence so unthinkable, that we still live with the repercussions, the memories and the scars 100 years on.”

Sylvia Russell and Bill Hutton read out a roll call of the names of the 234 Lanark men who fell in that war.

Then poppies, inscribed with the names of the fallen, and light sticks were handed out, and around 400 people walked down to the Cross in silence, and in darkness – even the street lights had been put out on this sombre night,

During a short service, Lanark’s bell rang out at exactly 11pm.

The poppies were then all gathered and formed into a wreath.

For more details, see this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette.




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