Lanark Primary School Trash-ion Show 2014 Slideshow

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LANARK Primary School pupils let lessons on recycling and waste go completely to their heads.

They took to the catwalk to raise awareness of recyling and using the earth’s resources wisely.

Shocked to discover that plastics could take hundreds of years to break down, the pupils, led by the Eco Committee and Green Gang, designed their own costumes, with guidance from parent Patricia West, then the children wore them to a Trashion Disco.

The best outfits, all made from materials usually casually discarded, then went forward to a Trashion Show, compered and scripted by the Green Gang.

The youngsters learned all about what we do with our rubbish, in a creative way, and the event also raised funds, which will help the school buy a polytunnel.

Pictures featured in our slideshow were taken by freelance photographer Rodger Price.




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