Junction home improvement scheme is ‘in meltdown’

Housing works...going ahead in Moss Road, Carstairs Junction

Housing works...going ahead in Moss Road, Carstairs Junction

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THE Chancellor of the Exchequer, no less, has been partly blamed for a major home improvemnt scheme in Carstairs Junction descending into what one resident described as “utter chaos”.

The row centres on the 80 Blackburn homes built after the war in the village by what was originally a northern English aircraft manufacturer.

Although modernised since they were built in the Fifties, the homes still lacked efficient insulation, a fault it was thought could be put to rights, largely with help from funding from a government levy on energy companies.

However, when the chancellor announced last year that the levy was to be cut, so was the necessary funding to give all 80 homes modern, external insulation cladding.

Only 62 of the homes could be done, 41 of which were still occupied by council tenants.

For more, pick up a copy of this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette.

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