Gazette Indy Debate - MP David Mundell: Better Together

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RURAL Clydesdale MP David Mundell delivered a passionate plea for Clydesdale voters to remain as part of the UK at the Carluke and Lanark Gazette’s Scottish Independence Debate in Lanark Memorial Hall on Monday, May 26.

Scotland’s only Conservative MP was part of the Better Together duo alongside Glasgow University Professor Adam Tomkins. A

And in his opening speech Mr Mundell included everything from his fears over a currency union to sharing his love for the Scottish football team and the British public’s obsession with Strictly Come Dancing!

For Carluke and Lanark Gazette readers – and everyone else – who couldn’t make it along on the night, our video from the event explains why the MP believes that the country really is Better Together.

David said: “The question I have is not COULD Scotland be an independent nation – that’s not up for debate – but whether or not Scotland is better off as an independent nation. I feel that it’s better for my children to remain part of the UK.

“This isn’t an opprtunity to have a bit of a taster, have five years to see what we do and then say ‘it’s not worked out as well as we thought, let’s go back to the UK’. This is an incredibly important decision; the biggest decision we will ever make.”

We hope you enjoy our video from the Gazette’s Independence Debate and videos of the other guest speakers on the night – fellow Better Together Clydesdale speaker Professor Adam Tomkins and for Yes Clydesdale, Robin McAlpine and MSP Aileen Campbell.

What’s your view on Scottish Independence? Share your views (no more than 300 words) by writing to the editor Julie Currie at 3 High Street, Carluke, ML8 4AL, or emailing




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