Gazette Indy Debate – Adam Tomkins: Better Together

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ESTEEMED academic Professor Adam Tomkins set out his reasons for Scotland remaining as part of the UK as part of the Better Together team at the Gazette’s independence debate at Lanark Memorial Hall on Monday, May 26.

And for Carluke and Lanark Gazette readers – and everyone else – who couldn’t make it along on the night, our video from the event explains why the Glasgow University Law Professor thinks that the country really is Better Together.

Professor Tomkins said: “The UK is a force for good in the world.

“It enjoys a hugely privileged position in the world whether it be in the EU, the G7, NATO or the United Nations Security Council.

“On September 18, we have a genuine choice. Do we want to be a small nation minding our own business or do we want to continue to be part of the world’s most extraordinary state?”

We hope you enjoy our video from the Gazette’s Independence Debate and videos of the other guest speakers on the night – fellow Better Together Clydesdale speaker MP David Mundell and for Yes Clydesdale, Robin McAlpine and MSP Aileen Campbell.

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