Forth Gala Day Procession 2014 Slideshow

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FORTH Gala Day treasurer Julie Steele rated last Saturday’s festivities to be the village’s best gala for half a decade.

Julie said that the combination of warm and sunny weather, the stunning sight of beautifully dressed Queen of the Heather Mary Gracie and an entertaining and humorous procession were all contributory factors to the event’s considerable success.

“It was an absolutely fantastic day,” Julie said. “The fact that we had a fine, sunny day definitely helped.

“It was the best gala we’ve had for five years because Forth galas of recent years have been blighted by rain and cold.”

Freelance photographer Roberto Cavieres was on hand to capture all the action and his pictures are featured in our slideshow, created by Gazette editor Julie Currie.

Don’t forget all the gala news is in this week’s Gazette. And slideshows featuring the crowning ceremony and street decorations are also now posted on our website. Enjoy!




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