Douglas Gala It’s a Knockout 2014 Slideshow

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THE weather was glorious for the annual It’s A Knockout part of Douglas Gala – which is just as well, given the amount of water flying around.

Bungee runners had to hit and burst water balloons and youngsters were armed with water bombs to pelt competitors in the last two races.

But the day was again a resounding success, with a team from the Cross Keys the final winner.

“It was a good turnout,” said chairperson Hazel Moule. “It was good fun.”

There were two new games this year.

“There was a tunnel covered in a camo net and the competitors didn’t know what was underneath the net, but it was a piece of polythene all covered in cream and they had to negotiate their way through on that.”

Another involved carrying a shot-glass of liquid across obstacles. The old favourites went well too, with all the teams managing to complete the sack race this year.

“I think they are getting quite professional at it,” mused Hazel.

The It’s a Knockout is always the first event of Douglas Gala Week.

“We always enjoy it,” said Hazel. “It has always been a highlight in Douglas.”

It also saw the sashing of the 2014 Gala Queen, Lynzi Morrison, in the run up to her crowning on the gala day.

Freelance photographer Alan Watson was on hand to capture all the action for the Gazette and his pictures are available to purchase on this website. His pictures were also used by Editor Julie Currie to create this slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!




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