Carluke GP Dr Alec Workman Retiral Slidehsow

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DR Alec Workman has bowed out, retiring after almost 40 years as a Carluke GP.

And he left with a final call to patients to take more responsibility for their own health, a theme he has emphasised throughout his career as a GP.

Dr Workman said there was far too much criticism of the health service in general, and its hospitals, GPs and NHS staff, thoughts he did not share.

“We do our best for our patients but, sadly, too many are not taking the steps that only they can take to improve their health, like stopping smoking, eating healthy diets, reducing weight and taking regular exercise.

“If more people did this, the health of the nation would improve and health costs would decrease.

“We should all take individual responsibility for our own health.”

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The pictues featured in our slideshow were taken by freelance photographer Rodger Price.




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