Blackmount Sports Night 2014 Slideshow

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BLACKMOUNT Sports Day organisers and competitors were thrilled to at last get some favourable weather at the annual event.

Wet and wild overhead conditions had washed out three of the previous four stagings, so organiser Mara Orr was delighted to get a fine evening of sunshine.

“In recent years we have had bother with midges, thunder, lightning and hailstorms,” said Mara (49), of Walston.

“The rain was so heavy that I can remember hanging sacks out on the washing line to dry afterwards.

“The boots in the wellie boot throwing event came in handy for actually wearing!”

But there were perfect conditions this year for the races and this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette features details of the winners, so don’t miss it!

Freelance photographer Rodger Price was on hand to capture the action and his pictures are featured in our slideshow, created by Gazette editor Julie Currie.




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