Lanark woman Jane Crawford wows New Yorkers in Tartan Day parade

Wonder Woman Jane Crawford at Tartan Day in New York 2011
Wonder Woman Jane Crawford at Tartan Day in New York 2011
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Scotland’s Wonder Woman Jane raises money for Wallace’s Weans charity

A Lanark woman dressed as an American superhero in a Tartan Day Parade might sound bizarre.

But for those people who know Jane Crawford, it doesn’t...

For over a decade now Jane has been billing herself as Scotland’s Wonder Woman and has been living up to her cartoon alter-ego’s name with her almost superhuman efforts on behalf her charity, Wallace’s Weans.

Explained Jane: “There is an awful, awful lot of goodwill towards Scotland over there and I thought it would be a good opportunity to spread the message of Wallace’s Weans to expatriate Scots.

“I got a great reception as, thanks to the film Braveheart, everyone over there knows who William Wallace was.

“The idea behind the charity was to resurrect the spirit of Wallace and use it, without the fighting associated with him, to focus on his courage and passion to overcome adversity, the kind of adversity children throughout Scotland have to face every day.”

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