Lanark artist Linn Gibbon designs Glasgow’s gift to the Queen

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THE `Glasgow’ gift given to Her Majesty the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee visit actually had its origins in Lanark rather than the city!

The official City Council gift of a Toshie Wrap, a stylish merino wool garment with a Rennie Macintosh-inspired pattern, was in fact designed by Lanark resident artist Linn Gibbon, working with the Glasgow design company Randak.

She revealed that her own idea for the pattern goes all the way back to her time at the Rennie Macintosh-designed Glasgow School of Art.

Said Linn: ”My colleague Charles Randak and I studied textiles there and we remembered the tile motifs which decorated the corridors and stairways from our time there as we hurried from studio to studio.

“These remembered images formed the basis of our designs.

“ I was delighted to have our Toshie Wrap picked by the City as its gift to Her Majesty.

“It is a beautiful product and I like to think she will get good use of it and I’ll see it keeping her warm at some point in the future.”