Crawfordjohn and Stablestone Primary Schools face closure

Facing closure...Crawfordjohn Primary School
Facing closure...Crawfordjohn Primary School

WHAT could be the death warrants for two of Clydesdale’s small rural schools have now been signed by South Lanarkshire Council.

However, in the case of at least one of them, villagers are to make a last stand and ask the Scottish Goverment to come to their rescue.

A decision to close both Crawfordjohn and Stablestone Primary Schools was made at the council’s executive committee last Wednesday.

With nine pupils currently on the Crawfordjohn roll and just three at Stablestone, the council decided that it would make greater economic and educational sense to bus pupils to, respectively, Abington and Douglas Primaries from now on.

For Crawfordjohn, councillors heard that a full consultation had taken place on the closure issue.