Concerns over dangerous corner near Carluke Golf Club

Mauldslie Road'Carluke'19/6/12
Mauldslie Road'Carluke'19/6/12

POLICE have called on South Lanarkshire Council Roads Department to make a stretch of Carluke’s Mauldslie Road safer, amid fears that there could be a fatal accident on a “dangerous” corner near Carluke Golf Club.

The driver of a blue Mercedes crashed into a hedge and telegraph pole on June 8 after swerving to avoid an approaching white van speeding around the corner.

The accident delayed morning rush hour traffic for two hours in both directions; the Mercedes driver escaped with minor injuries.

“We recognise that this is a very dangerous corner,” said Inspector Scott Jones.

“The driver was very lucky to escape serious injury, because there could have been a head-on collision.

“You could have been looking at a fatality.

“We get regular reports of folk cutting the corner as they are travelling away from Carluke.

“It is one bend that would definitely benefit from visibility being improved so that drivers could see oncoming traffic and be less inclined to cut the corner.

“I’ve told our Traffic Management department about this problem and they’ll be liaising with South Lanarkshire Council Roads Department.”

Carluke Golf Club treasurer Jim Ewing said that there had been two other similar crashes at the corner within the last month.

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