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Malini Love Cushion, 24.95, available from Rooi.
Malini Love Cushion, 24.95, available from Rooi.
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Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but don’t fancy sharing a restaurant with a roomful of other couples, or paying more than usual for that ‘special’ themed menu?

There’s a lot to be said for opting to stay in on February 14 instead. First and foremost, it’s more private and intimate - and what’s more romantic than that? You won’t be rushed or disturbed; you can take your time, do things on your terms, and setting the scene can be easily achieved with a few amorous additions.

Now, we all know that Valentine’s Day is unapologetically kitsch and cliched - just go with it! After all, you can’t embrace the festival of romance without letting your guard down and having a little fun.

Whether you want to keep it subtle and sophisticated or let your heart run wild, these love-themed finds will help you on your way to an at-home Valentine’s victory...


Romantic settings are all about mood and atmosphere — and the quickest way to conjure a Valentine’s vibe is through engaging the senses, with sumptuous scents, soft lighting and touch-me textures.

“Set the mood for a romantic evening with glowing candlelight, stunning champagne flutes and designer serveware. Or, create a classic Valentine’s inspired look with beautiful cushions and throws, perfect for snuggling up in front of the fire,” suggests Kate Mooney, founder and CEO of Houseology.com, which has a specially curated collection of home accessories for conjuring romantic rooms.

Candles, of course, are a natural choice for easy ambience, but real romance junkies might love an illuminated wall sign, and there’s an array of arty light-ups in the shops right now.