Falls of Clyde Nature Notes

peregrine chick, New Lanark
peregrine chick, New Lanark
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The two female peregrines born at the Falls of Clyde nature reserve this year are entering their teenage years. With this comes complete independence as they will leave their birth place and venture in to the unknown.

Sightings of the young falcons were still frequent up until the end of August. They were hanging around their old nest, roosting in the large oak nearby. September is the month they will finally leave to find their own territory.

Their main aim will be to stay alive over winter, so they are likely to head to the coast where they can take advantage of the huge numbers of wading birds that spend winter in these areas.

The parents will stay at the Falls of Clyde as there is enough prey to support the two adults during the colder months.


On the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s wish list at the moment are a reliable working washing machine and a shower unit.

These may seem like odd things for a conservation charity to need, but these two bits of equipment will actually help protect the peregrines.

Installing these units on site will allow next year’s Peregrine Protection Officer to get scrubbed up more quickly and efficiently, ensuring they can spend as much time as possible protecting next years’ peregrine family.

We are looking for a mixer tap type shower, rather than an electric one. A shower unit, including base, walls and doors would also be of use.

If you happen to have any of these parts and would be willing to donate them to a good cause, please contact us on the number below.

If you have a reliable working washing machine in need of a new home, please also contact the Scottish Wildlife Trust Clyde at fallsofclyde@swt.org.uk or phone on 01555 665262.